Exhibit Listings

Posted January 5, 2018
Updated April 24, 2018

Court of Honor
The 1st Issues of the Indian Feudatory States
British India Queen Victoria Postal Stationery

Open Competition - Multi-Frame Exhibits

India/Nepal Cross-Border Postal History
Postal History of the Colorado Territory
Missouri the Gateway to the West
Colorado Manuscript Cancels
India "China Expeditionary Forces" Philatelic and Postal History
Pre-UPU Mail Via British India Post Office
Gum Breakers on BEP Stamp Production, 1919-1987
Boer POW Camps in Ceylon 1900-1902
Dead Letter Office in India till 1947
The India Post Office during the World War I Era
The Berlin Pneumatic Post (Rohrpost) 1876-1944
Essays and Proofs of the 1898 Trans-Mississippi Issue
Fiscals of Jodhpur
Orchids: Distribution Threats to its Habitat and Conservation
Candle on the Water
The Wonders of Nature
British India King George VI Postal Stationery
One hundred Years of Handstamped Markings on Paris Stampless Mail
I Am Mohandas Gandhi
Cochin State
Bearing Underpaid and Unpaid Postage Due Mails of India 1854-1947 and Dominion Period
The Irish Gerl Definitives 1968-1982 Booklets and Coils

Open Competition - Single-Frame Competitive Exhibits

Die Proofs and Color Trials for the PHILEXOCAM Souvenir Sheet

India’s Madras Postal Circle Experimental Cancellations of Experimental Post Offices: An Introduction  1900’s - 1971

Bhavnagar Court Fee Stamps: Essays, Trial Colors, Proofs and Specimen and
Documentary Uses
Mullingar 1901 to 1914, a Typical Irish Town
The Provisional Government of Ireland Dec 1921 to Dec 1922
The Collection of Postage Due Fees in Ireland 1914 to 1925
The "Special" Booklet Paper Printings of 1928
International Education Bureau Labels for the Service of Intellectual Aid to Prisoners of War
The Mail
1st Issue of Jaipur
1st Issue of Bundi
Confederate States of America: Department of State

George Brett Cup
* Indicates not eligible for other RMSS Awards

Rocky Mountain Stamp Show is pleased to host the Second Annual George Brett Cup exhibition.

Burma: The First Two Issues
Burma: The Post War Issues of 1945 to 1947
Expansion of US Airmail to Foreign Destinations (1922-1941)
Censored, Rerouted, Suspended, Resumed: US International Mail in WWII
The Fall and Rise of French Air Routes in Africa WWII
*Irish Coil Stamps 1922 to 1940
The Wonderful World of Bamboo
* The Coconut Palm - Palm of Life and Palm of Commerce
Test Drops During the Graf Zeppelin's Flights over Switzerland in 1929
Use of U.S. Parcel Post Stamps 1913-1926
Postal Rates During the Gold Yuan Era: The Chinese Hyperinflation of 1948-49
The 1d Pictorial Ship Printings of the Union of South Africa 1926-1954
The Development of the 2nd and 3rd Large Format Pictorial Printings of the Union of South Africa 1925-1951
The 3¢ Connecticut Tercentenary Issue of 1935 and its First Days
*First U.N. Issue
* Britain's Marvelous Machins 1967-2017
The Air and Gas Defense League (L.O.P.P.) in Polish Aerophilately (1923-1939)
The League of Nations - The War Years

Youth Exhibits

A Dialogue with the Flying Jewels (Butterflies and Moths)
A Rainbow Family

Non-Competitive Exhibit

British India King Edward VII Postal Stationery
British India King Edward V Postal Stationery
De La Rue Recess Stamps of Ireland Commemorative Issues 1952-1964
Post Liberation Provisional Issues of Bangladesh


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