Welcome to Rocky Mountain Stamp Show 2018
I wish to extend a welcome to all of our Attendees, Societies, Dealers, and Exhibitors who are participating in the 69th annual Rocky Mountain Stamp Show. Our show committee members, who are in charge of the show’s operation, and our volunteers also extend a hearty welcome. …Bob Miller, Chairman

~ 2018 Palmaries ~

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AAPE George Brett Cup

George Brett Logo copy bFor the second year, Rocky Mountain Stamp Show has been selected to host The  George Brett Cup competition sponsored by the American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors. This is a “by invitation” exhibition of top-level 20th century philatelic exhibits. The winner will receive a 10” Waterford Crystal bowl with their name entered on a permanent scroll to acknowledge their accomplishment.

2018 Featured Society

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2018 Local Societies


Questions About a Stamp Collection?

What's In Your Attic

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Youth Activities

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STAMP CAMP is a fun and creative way to introduce children and youth to postage stamps and collecting using a variety of activities. ...Continue Reading

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