Pre-Show Seminar - Military Postal History - Thursday, May 25, 2017

Once again, Rocky Mountain Stamp Show if holding a pre-show seminar specializing in areas of our attending societies. The last time was with the Philatelic Society for Greater Southern Africa and it was a huge success with attendance constant throughout the entire day. This year it will be the turn of the Military Postal History Society (MPHS) with some of the great names in philatelic research such as Sergio Lugo, Al Kugel, Dave Kent, Ted Bahry and Steve Henderson. A wide group of talks, some 12 speakers during the day on Thursday, will be of great interest with much to be learned. Some time will be allotted for some Q&A afterwards so please come and stay as long as you can. The list of titles will follow in the website for both RMSS and the MPS.

Tentitive Schedule - Updated April 24, 2017

9:00 AM - 5:30 PM Military Postal History Society (12 speakers) - Telluride Room
9:00 am - The Orange Free State at War, 1892-1900 - Tim Bartshe
9:30 am - U.S. Financing of WWI - War Savings Stamps & Liberty Bonds - Dr. Harry Charles
10:00 am - Indochina Soldiers and Labor Corps in WWI France - Richard Aspness

10:30 am Break

11:00 am - Propaganda vs. Postal History in WWI Allied/Alliance Postcards - Patrick McNally
11:30 am - German Fieldpost of WWII - an Overview - Eckhardt Pobuda

Noon: Lunch

1:30 pm - Development and Delivery of the U.S. Atomic Bomb, 1942-1946 - Joe Bock
2:00 PM - U.S. Marine Corps Postal History - Ted Bahry
2:30 pm - Mail of the Congress of Versailles and Boundry Commissions-Post WWI - Alfred Kugel
3:00 pm - Princess Matoika and the Many Doors she can Open - David Kent

3:30 pm Break

4:00 pm - Development of AEF Air Training in WWI - Steve henderson
4:30 pm - The LaFayette Escadrille - Ed Durbin
5:00 pm - Movie Mail to the Stars during Wartime - Regis Hoffman and Dr. Thomas Richards

5:50 pm - Adjourn


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